Happily Ever After

Oh, for the perfect ending to your event. From whole cakes to our mini-desserts, we'll design the last course to the be sweetest one yet!
♦ “Just One Bite”
A sweet variety of mini cookies, brownies, and gourmet treats arranged on a platter.
Great for large groups or grab-and-go events!
From $3.25 pp
♦ Cupcakes
A variety of homemade cupcake flavors and assorted icings, decorated to WOW the crowd!
From $3.25 pp
♦ Dessert Tapas
Mini Tarts, Mini Iced Cupcakes, Cheese-Cake Lollipops, Mini Trifles, Mini Banana Cakes, Mini Flans and more...
From $6.75 pp
♦ Individual Tartlets
Let us design one that is just right for you! Our favorites include: Chocolate Mint, Fresh Fruit w/ Pastry Cream, and Apple Sour Cream.
From $4.25 pp
♦ Large Cookies
All the usual suspects...Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar, and Oatmeal Raisin
From $2.20 pp
♦ Brownies
Give into your cravings! Chocolate/Chocolate Chip, Chocolate/Cream Cheese, and Blondies.
From $3.25 pp
♦ Special Order Desserts
Made to order for your particular event...from Coconut Rice Pudding to Chocolate Mousse to your favorite cakes and pies; there are lots of delicious ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Prices and Selection vary..please call for information
Prices as noted.